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This type of piping was installed in homes built from 1973-1997. This grey flexible water pipe could be the cause of leaks and damage throughout your home.

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Why should you replace your Poly B Piping?

Poly-B Piping is one of the most common major causes of water damage in older homes. Many insurance companies will not insure homes with Poly-B, or your rates will be much higher! The Government of Alberta states, “Failures of pressure water piping installations involving Poly-B within Canada and the US had resulted in a
number of class action lawsuits.” Learn more here. This type of piping has been discontinued in Alberta since 1997, meaning there are over 148,000 homes at risk of major water damage.

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Get your Poly-B Piping replacement today.

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We offer affordable replacements.

We want to protect your home! This piping cannot be repaired and in most cases will eventually develop leaks throughout your home – sometimes even without you knowing. We recommend replacing your piping as soon as possible.

Poly-B Piping Replacement or Removal JVP Mechanical
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Your piping may 
be leaking.

Many clients hadn’t even noticed their water lines were leaking. This is why Poly-B is so dangerous and should be replaced by Pex or Copper piping.

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